• Promoting

  • Promoting local and regional self-government and the institutional reinforcement of local governments in the region

Bringing Together
  • Bringing Together

  • Bringing together local officials and policy makers to strengthen the feeling of sharing a common Mediterranean destiny

Developing and enhancing
  • Developing and enhancing

  • Developing and enhancing the role of local institutions in the formulation, management and leadership of development and solidarity policies the closest to the citizens

Providing information
  • Providing information

  • Providing information on available initiatives and mechanisms for local and regional development


  • Call for applicants – Mediterranean coastal towns and cities Following a decision of the Contracting Parties to the Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment and Coastal Region of the Mediterranean (Barcelona Convention), the Secretariat of the Mediterranean Action Plan (UN Environm[...]
  • The EuroMed Exchange Programme is giving young talents and key actors, such as members of civil society organisations, exchange/traineeship opportunities across 42 Euro-Mediterranean countries, aiming to support knowledge exchange, strengthen dialogue and intercultural cooperation that are crucial f[...]
  • "Access to water, in sufficient quantity and quality and at an affordable rate, should be a guaranteed human right for all, by using, if necessary, social measures or appropriate solidarity mechanisms for disadvantaged populations” Extract of the Final Declaration of the Founding Congress of UC[...]


Proceedings of the 4th FALRM soon available

Proceedings of 4th Forum of Local and Regional Authorities of the Mediterranean (Tangiers, 30 November 2016 ) and Workshops of the Mediterranean Commission of UCLG (Sousse, 22&23 September 2016) are now available.


This document shows concrete examples and key success factors for a dynamic territorial diplomacy led by local and regional governments.

“The people of the Mediterranean Region have high expectations in terms of security, employment and the improvement of living standards, and renewal of political practices.” Mohamed BOUDRA, President of the Political Council of UCLG MEDITERRANEAN COMMISSION and Mayor of Al Hoceima

Read the Proceedings of 4th Forum of Local and Regional Authorities of the Mediterranean on issuu or here : EN_CGLU_brochure_20x27



7 Jun 2017
  • European Development Days

  • Development actors from around the globe are gathering in Brussels on 7 - 8 June to shape the debate around the main theme of "Investing in Development." Watch the trailer for t[...]
19 Jun 2017
  • XII Metropolis World Congress

  • FACED WITH SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGES, MAJOR CITIES ARE KEY STAKEHOLDERS IN LOCAL AND GLOBAL ISSUES. Under the theme ”Global Challenges: Major Cities in Action”, the XII Metropolis [...]