Assises européennes de la coopération décentralisée

  • Date de début :
    10 juillet 2017, 0 h 00 min
  • Date de fin :
    11 juillet 2017, 0 h 00 min

Bruxelles 10 – 11 July 2017. The Assises of Decentralised Cooperation for development represents a unique opportunity to bring together local and regional authorities’ representatives from the EU and developing countries to exchange their views and hold a political dialogue with the European institutions on development cooperation. The ultimate aim is to contribute to reinforce development aid effectiveness towards the full integration of local and regional authorities into the development cooperation policies and to build a genuine EU partnership between the different actors active in the field of development.

The fifth edition of the Assises includes an opening session and five parallel thematic roundtables, on 10 July, 2017 and a plenary session and six workshops on 11 July , 2017. The plenary session will bring together the « rapporteurs » of each roundtable to present the main conclusions of the discussions. This will be followed by an exchange of questions and answers between the participants and high representatives of the EU institutions.